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    System Description
    The aluminum self adhesive flashing tape is a cold applied tape designed for waterproofing and sealing for the roofs、windows、 building joints、 flashings、repair gutters and the anti corrosion of the pipeline fittings、field joints、tees、ells below or above ground and UV resistance, pipe insulation . It is also called is also called window flashing tape, roof flashing tape, bitumen flashing tape.
    Product Composition
    The composition of the self adhesive flashing tape ( window flashing tape, roof flashing tape, bitumen flashing tape ) consists of three layers, adhesive layer and film backing, interleaving .
    Adhesive : Bituminous rubber compound or Rubberized Bitumen
    Film Backing: Aluminum foil or Aluminum foil coated polyester film or Woven Aluminum foil
    Interleaving: Silicone coated separator sheet
    Product Features
    Excellent resistance to UV.
    Excellent resistance to soil stress
    Excellent resistance to vapor transmission.
    Good conformability and consistent uniform thickness.
    Waterproof for the basement, bridges ,roofs etc.
    Adhesion to metal 、concrete、brick、slate、tile painted wood、glass、rigid plastics
    Meets ASTM D 1000 、EN 12068、AWWA C214 and other international standard
    Product Properties
    Product properties of aluminum foil coated with polyester film
    Product PropertiesTest MethodTypical Value
    BackingASTM D10000.102mm
    AdhesiveASTM D10000.918mm
    ThicknessASTM D10001.02mm
    Tensile Strength,ASTM D100075N/cm75N/cm75N/cm75N/cm
    ElongationASTM D100015%15%15%15%
    Adhesion StrengthASTM D100030N/cm33N/cm35N/cm38N/cm
    PermeabilityASTM E960.003ng/Pa·s·m
    Adheres to
    Metal 、Concrete、Brick、Slate、Tile Painted Wood、Glass、Rigid Plastics
    UV Resistance
    Temperature Range
    For Application
    For Service
    5℃ – 45℃
    -30℃ – 100℃
    Ordering Information
    Xunda aluminum self adhesive flashing tapes (roof flashing tape, windows flashing tape) are available in rolls.
    Product TypeStandard Ordering Options
    Tape Thickness1.02mm、1.27mm、1.65mm、2.54mm、3.05mm
    Tape Width50mm、100mm、150mm or others
    Tape Length10m、30m、50m、100m or others
    Tape ColorSiliver or others
    Core diameter76mm or othersChina flashing tape